Collected Agrarian Writings

By Maynard Kaufman

When my wife and I made the fateful decision to accept a half-time leave of absence from classroom teaching to start a School of Homesteading in 1973, I realized that it could affect my academic career. It certainly did. An academic career is possible only with a life of specialized work, but the agrarian life-style that we chose thrives on a balance of mental and physical activities. A half-time leave of absence from teaching made both farming and teaching possible. Also, as it happened, 1973 marked the beginning of Organic Growers of Michigan and as I joined and became active on a state-wide level, I ended up organizing the successor to OGM. This new organization was Michigan Organic Food and Farm Alliance, a non-profit group I co-organized in 1992. As a result, much of my writing on food and farm issues shifted from abstract agrarian issues to practical topics which were directed to members.

The Collected Agrarian Writings reprints sixty-five papers, reviews, and pamphlets written over the past fifty years on the subjects of ecological and societal change, the prospect of an agrarian revival, and the history of the organic movement in Michigan, as well as some of the practicalities of homesteading and organic farming. The book is scheduled to be published in September 2020, and will be available from Amazon.

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